Cabinet Refinishing by Creative Kitchens is the process of transforming your existing cabinets. We recommend this process if you like the style and the wood of your kitchen cabinets. Our refinishing service refreshes your cabinets breathing new life into them.

We remove all the cabinet doors and drawer faces and take them to our production facility to work on them. This minimizes the mess in your home.

At our production workshop, the first step in the refinishing process is to strip the old finish off from every cabinet front. We remove the old finish with the help of varnish/paint removers and strip it to bare wood. All this is done expertly by hand. This is ensure that there is no residue of wax, varnish, paint or silicone left.

Once the finish-stripping is complete, we prepare the surface with brushing, sanding, wiping and cleaning procedures. In some instances we also use bleach for lightening the base wood color.

The final step in cabinet refinishing process is applying the finish. We offer a wide range of colors in paints, lacquers and stains for you to choose from for a custom cabinet refinish.

If you prefer a complete kitchen makeover, add or replace the cabinet door handles, new countertops and/or flooring. This will give you the look you want for a fraction of the cost of a traditional kitchen remodel.