At Creative kitchens we have invented the newest cost effective methods of refacing your kitchen cabinets in the most innovative ways. Our solutions enhance the aesthetic and functional parameters of top surface finish, color and grain variation, attractive cabinet doors, RTF, DLV, and the addition of accessories and finishing of cabinet drawer fronts. Hardware replacement is our specialty service which we render to perfection.

Cabinet Refacing Portland – Top Features

Material Specifications

Our cabinet refacing Portland services enhance the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen and remodel it according to the latest trends. We reface the cabinet doors using high quality PSA /Non-PSA veneers, RTF sheets, core plywood and 3-D-lamiantions.
PSA Veneers: Our PSA veneers come in peel and stick types that are flexible, strong and long lasting. We use various types of wood like the birch, maple, oak, pine, teak, walnut, and cherry. Our experts can cut the veneer exactly according to the part design and ply requirement. The surface sanded, grained and polished according to the finishing requirements. It can withstand temperatures up to 800 F and humidity of more than 35%.
Non-PSA Veneers: For the non-PSA veneers we use external adhesives after cutting and shaping them according to the cabinet door design specifications. Both the types are products are manufactured under the strict ISO-15717 and EN standards. Our ability to reface base cabinets, wall mounted cabinets, standalone cabinets, and special unit cabinets makes our services complete for your kitchen remodeling.
RTF & 3D-Veneers: For the RTF sheets we use thermal treatment and pressure. This is a highly flexible sheet which gets shaped exactly according to the existing shape, curves, and contours of the surface. The vinyl film could be transparent or translucent material for enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the surface finishing. The 3-D laminations we use also have similar characteristics, but they are available in additional range of colors, designs and patterns.
MDF Core plywood: The MDF core plywood type we use is for the traditional and classical kitchens. It has a top veneer layer, flowed by the MDF core and a back veneer. It comes in multiple ply constructions and density.

Method Specifications

At Creative Kitchens we use veneer, plywood, and solid wood for the front and the sides. The face frame may have full or partial overlay or full inset. Our experts can skillfully separate the frame from the cabinet door and the drawers without disturbing the core construction. Now our task is to reface the door and the frame.
Frame Refacing: In our cabinet refacing Seattle services we use multiple types of frame panels including the raised, inset, recessed, slab, mullion, and the open styles. We ensure the comprehensive methods of intricate designs and detailing for the door frame and the center panel. Flexibility, modern design, adaptability (Ex: the mullion frame can be used to insert a glass panel) and aesthetic appeals matching the door. We have a vast collection of frame colors and grain styles to match beech dark, cherry mahogany, maple brown, oak brown and so on. The procedure could be time consuming based on the type of kitchen cabinet we are refacing. Typically the base and wall mounted cabinets take more time compared to the pantry cabinets.
Door Refacing: Our cabinet refacing Portland Oregon services are comprehensively oriented to enhance the exterior design and décor features of your kitchen cabinets. You may choose the similar color and pattern to match the frame or contrasting combinations. We offer the door replacement or door refacing depending on the condition of the existing door. During the refacing we can overlay the existing surface with the new layer of veneer, RTF, 3-D, or the MDF core wood. We ensure optimum thickness of the layer to match with the refaced frame and the panel. This procedure requires sawing, cutting, veneer slitting and shaping, adhesive application, leveling, clamping and sizing the edges. The dimension (length X Width X Depth) of the refaced cabinet door could be slightly different from the existing one. But we make sure you can’t notice the difference visually and practically.
Hardware Replacement: We generally replace the hardware accessories like the old door knobs, screws, bolts and nuts, latches, and other finer parts and components. We can also reface them if they are in working conditions and have an extended durability.
Side Refacing: our cabinet refacing Vancouver WA services include cabinet side refacing. Here we use multi ply veneer, plywood or hardwood, depending on the cabinet size and location. For the wall mounted cabinets we generally prefer light weight material with extra tensile strength and load carrying capacity. For the base cabinets we use heavier side refacing as they have to withstand the weight of the countertops. The kitchen refacing before and after effects clearly reflect the efficiency of our craftsmanship.