The cabinet refinishing Portland services at Creative Kitchens involves removal of old finishing, fresh painting and refinishing the cabinets.

Stripping: Stripping is the first step to remove the old finishing with the help of varnish/paint removers. We focus on micro level detailing to take out the paints from the most intricate parts of the cabinet. We ensure complete elimination of the residues of wax, varnish, paint and silicone.
Preparation: Once the stripping is complete, we prepare the surface with brushing, sanding, wiping and cleaning procedures. In some instances we also use bleaching for lightening the base wood color.
Painting: The custom cabinet painting Portland services we offer includes exotic collection of ultramodern color and shade range. We can ensure complete revival of the kitchen cabinets to enhance the interior design and décor styles.
Refurbishing: our refinishing kitchen cabinets before and after effects can be experienced with an uplift in the aesthetic and functional parameters. We can also refurbish and replace the cabinet parts during the refinishing when the old parts are damaged or reduced to non working conditions. We assure you of the best quality and zero errors in our workmanship.